Sraavyam in Sanskrit means melody. It is perhaps this aspect that enables music to transcend boundaries of any kind and bring together the performer and the listener. Indian music, be it vocal or instrumental, is largely characterized by melody, the facet that has a magical prowess to make one lose sense of the self.

Concerts provide you the opportunity to feel this experience of being one with the music. The stage is where a melodious harmony of thoughts and emotions is presented through musical expression. It is where different musicians collaborate to create a symphony that is spontaneous, complex, unified and at the same time, reflective of each artist’s individuality and style.

Sraavyam is an attempt to recognise and appreciate the synergy among Indian musicians and honour the pain-staking effort that goes into each of their musical creations. Founded by V Sanjeev, Sikkil Gurucharan and Patri Satish Kumar, Sraavyam brings you an exclusive collection of Indian music performances – including but not limited to concerts, public and private performances - while maintaining the integrity of the recording by conforming to legal and regulatory precincts as applicable.

We encourage you to download from and join us as we endeavour to bring musicians and listeners closer to each other through music that takes precedence over all else.

Sit back, relax and enjoy from wherever you are.

Team Sraavyam